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Agentur Scherrer
Stand 23

Agentur Scherrer –
Your innovative partner for wounds from acute to refractory to treatment.
Votre partenaire innovant pour les plaies aiguës à réfractaires au traitement.
Ihr innovativer Partner für Wunden von akut bis therapierefraktär.

Stand 12

At Arjo, we believe that empowering movement within healthcare environments is essential to quality care. Our products and solutions are designed to promote a safe and dignified experience through patient handling, medical beds, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics, and the prevention of pressure injuries and venous thromboembolism. With over 6500 people worldwide and 65 years caring for patients and healthcare professionals, we are commited to driving healthier outcomes for people facing mobility challenges. 

Care of Sweden
Stand 14

Care of Sweden is an innovative company in the medtech sector, devoted to the cause of eliminating pressure ulcers around the world. Our product range covers mattresses, positioning pillows and seat cushions, used as an aid in the prevention as well as treatment of pressure ulcers. Our head office, R&D and production are located in Tranemo, western Sweden, and our products are used in care facilities across Sweden as well as in many other parts of the world. 

Stand 29

CEUMED Medical Devices LLP is a specialized manufacturer of Pressure Ulcer Prevention products which include fully Automated Patient Repositioning Mattress Systems (Tilt & Alternating), Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Static Air Mattresses, MediFoam Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattresses, Seat Cushions, Heel Offloading Devices, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prevention Pumps, NPWT Systems. The ISO 13485 certified facility is located in India with state of the art manufacturing plant and R&D.

Stand 3

Transforming Care, Transforming Lives.
Coloplast Wound Care aim to transform practice through simplification. We recognise that caring for wounds is a complex and challenging process. Adhering to best practice principles The Coloplast 3 Step Approach provides a framework to Assess, Prepare and Treat all wounds.

compliant concept AG
Stand 6

AMS is a breakthrough in care technology, combining nursing science and engineering. It is the first and only hybrid mattress that integrates gentle lateral positioning, intermittent pressure relief and a foam mattress. Proven over a decade, AMS is more than a mattress; it’s a revolutionary care assistant delivering exceptional results.

Stand 11

Erbagil, leading Italian Manufacturer, follows the entire production chain: from Erbagil Estate derives the best raw material transformed by Erbagil Research for Erbagil Production, in medical devices, supplements, disinfectants, cosmetics, products for the agriculture, oil, wines, and sparkling wine.

Stand 15

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through products and solutions. Essity’s Medical Solutions segment offers products in wound care, compression therapy and orthopedics.
With world-renowned brands, Essity is one of the global market leaders in a number of therapeutic areas.

Stand 31

EXOLUX is the exclusive European distributor of Linline Medical Systems. Our patented laser technology, RecoSMA®, is easy to use, accessible to all, and offers painless, faster treatment for various types of wounds, transforming medical practice.

Frontier Medical Group
Stand 4

Frontier Medical Group is a market leader in Pressure Area Care (PAC) solutions, consisting of Repose®, Ultracore™, Toto® and Dermisplus®.

Toto® automated lateral turning system, enables patient-prescribed lateral turning intervals, even when patients are sleeping, in a lightweight and easy to use platform.

Continuing our innovative journey, new Dermisplus Prevent Tubing is designed to redistribute pressure on the skin caused by medical devices. 

Stand 2

Kerecis specializes in developing fish skin-based medical products for tissue regeneration and wound care. Our innovative solutions harness the natural healing properties of fish skin, offering effective, biocompatible alternatives for treating chronic wounds, burns, and surgical sites, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing medical care.

LIGAMED medical Produkte
Stand 38

The origin of LIGAMED® medical Produkte GmbH dates back to 1984. It is located in the Franconian city of Cadolzburgm in the heart of the Nuremberg metropolitan area, the so-called “Medical Valley”.
We are manufacturer of wound dressings made of PU foam. Our LIGASANO dressings can be used for wound cleansing, wound treatment and prevention.

Stand 8+9+10

LINET Group is global #1 advanced care beds and mattress manufacturer with its headquarters and production facilities located in the European Union.  

Our comprehensive  product portfolio ranges from prenatal to elderly care and it includes advanced care beds, chairs and stretchers, mattresses, smart care, accessories and furniture.

LINET – Designed to help you care.  

Medical Systems Solution
Stand 35

Medical Systems Solution exclusively distributes top-quality medical products from internationally renowned manufacturers such as Medihoney, Microdacyn, MEDCu, and DEBRICHEM in Switzerland. Our focus is on innovative medical products that provide added value for healthcare providers and patients in the fields of modern wound care and surgery.

Stand 1

MICRO-MEDICAL AG exclusively offers the unique AROA extracellular matrix from sheep’s forestomach, available with ENDOFORM as a skin substitute and MYRIAD as an incomparable soft tissue substitute. Our mission is to create meaning and free as many people as possible from the suffering of chronic and deep wounds. 

Stand 34

At Mölnlycke, we deliver innovative solutions for managing wounds, improving surgical safety and efficiency and preventing pressure ulcers. Solutions that help achieve better outcomes and are backed by clinical and health-economic evidence. In everything we do, we are guided by a single purpose: to help healthcare professionals perform at their best. And we’re committed to proving it every day.

Organogenesis Switzerland
Stand 30

From advanced wound care through surgery and sports medicine, we are committed to empowering healing by confidently and reliably delivering clinicians the range of regenerative tissue innovations along with the services they need.

Piomic Medical
Stand 26

Piomic developed an innovative medical device for the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds. The COMS® One Therapy System is a portable, hand-held device that incorporates the technologies for optical and magnetic stimulation, intended to promote wound healing in chronic leg and foot ulcers. It seamlessly integrates into the patient’s healing journey, ensuring ease-of-use accross all care settings.

PU sensor
Stand 16

A turning point / revolution in the fight against pressure ulcers

  • Poor microcirculation increases the risk of pressure ulcers, but is not visible on the outside.
  • Today’s methods miss half of those who get pressure ulcers.
  • PU sensor finds who has increased risk. Then pressure ulcers can be prevented, suffering reduced and money saved.

Service Med Srl
Stand 33

Service Med, founded in 1992 and acquired by the MedicAir Group in 2021, specializes in anti-decubitus system rental and management and is today the leading Italian company in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. Service Med continues to design and create industry-leading products and services, and firmly believes in the culture of prevention and the need to apply and disseminate good treatment practices.

Smith+Nephew Ltd
Stand 13

At Smith+Nephew, we’re pioneering new technologies so that more wounds can now heal.
Providing innovative systems to drive efficiencies, minimise wastage and build digital tools to help train and educate more caregivers.
Together, we are shaping what’s possible in wound care.

Society of Tissue Viability
Stand 20

At the Society of Tissue Viability, we believe that skin health and wound healing is everyone’s business and that change happens when we work together, not in silos. Visit Stand #20 to find out about our latest projects, including our 2025 annual conference, our online educational events and more! If you work for a company, pop by to find out about Education Endorsement and the benefits of becoming a Corporate Partner!

Stand 5

At Solventum, we create breakthrough solutions for our customers’ toughest challenges by pioneering game-changing innovations at the intersection of health, material and data science to change patients’ lives for the better – while empowering healthcare professionals to perform at their best.

Stand 28

Stryker is a global leader in medical technologies and, together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. We offer innovative products and services in MedSurg, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine that help improve patient and healthcare outcomes.

Urgo Medical
Stand 27

At Urgo Medical, our mission is to support Healthcare Professionals to deliver evidence-based advanced wound care treatments from the beginning so that life can start again for patients.
Our 1 600 employees are committed every day to making a difference for patients.

Vikta ApS
Stand 24

INNOVATIVE – EFFECTIVE – TRANSFORMATIVE products for patient care.
Clinically proven to prevent and heal pressure sores.
Vikta products are recommended by tissue viability clinicians, nurses and carers to improve life quality for vulnerable patients with immobility issues.
KomfiTilt, PosiPerle & FloForm for pressure care and postural support.
Start ‘making a turn for the better’.

Stand 19

XSENSOR’s ForeSite® body surface pressure imaging technology aids Healthcare Practitioners in preventing or better managing and reducing pressure injuries in their patients. Our healthcare solutions allow for the monitoring of patients in care homes, hospital beds and ORs, as well as assist in the selection of the best wheelchair seating.